Disrupt: A Hope

And the light will never be disrupted again . . .

Once, I asked a genie .

I imagined, if I pat a kettle . . .
I’m excited
Will a soul go out?
Or will there be a sudden gush of wind?
Will there be a mighty guy, or gal
Giving thanks for he or she had come out . . .
In an enclosed space full of darkness.
The genie wouldn’t know.

He, or she will then ask.
Grants me three wishes to became true.

I imagined.
Will that happen?

I doubt.
Genie’s just an imagination of the human mind.
Of the minds of the creative people.

Because . . .
They once were,
in the darkness.
Waiting for a light to come out.
Like a genie,
their hopes, will never be disrupted again.
In the dark world of the kettle, they’ll be seeing a light,
then go out!
Once they pat themselves, and see the light.
And lift theirselves up!
They will rise!

You, reader, are a genie in an enclosed, dark space.
When will you come out?


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