Staggering decisions
Going left, going right
Day passes without a thought if,
everything will gonna be all right.
Up and down
I am moving up,
but my decisions low.
Needs a light
a shimmering one,
but the lamps are off,
and Helios slept.
The way is Dim .
And so my poem,
I do not know where it is going,
I do not know any at all.
I do not hold the future,
my time zone does not warn.
When will I go
And which way will I go.
Everything’s Dim .
And so my future,
Will I be victorious?
Or will I lose?
I do not know,
I need a light.
A shimmering one.
I need somebody to open the lamps.
Will Helios wake up?
Or, maybe, it was the lamp –
Whose waiting for me to turn it on?
Everything’s fading, everything’s Dim .


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