Wake up, breathe slowly

Are there any instances that you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, then, abruptly, you hate it when you realize that it is all just a dream?

Well, I will say yes. Most of the time. There will be no month that I will not suffer into this event. Dreams, they say, may sometimes be true, but I believe all are false. But sometimes, these dreams makes me ponder and ask if that certain dream will really happen or not. I am an overthinker that is why I usually spend hours just to think on that dream. Sometimes these dreams come to me like a Premonition that, something bad will happen.

One time, I dreamt of my tooth, loosing one by one. We (or some may not) usually connect this dream to a bad omen that might happen in a family. That is, that if you lose tooth or teeth in your dream, one or more of your family members will die. With all the encounter of that dream ( I think I already encountered it ten or more times), I already strongly believe that this premonition ,is falsity.

How about you, would you like to tell me your story?


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