The Individual In Front

The individual in front: The Conveyor of knowledge

He, or she may come in to the room, weary
and face might be filled with sweat
He or she will start the talk, with a little prayer,
or an introduction that seems to be at low note
He might be tired of the yesterday’s work,
yet he came in front of you today as if nothing happened.
You might treat him or her,
as an individual like any other else
Waking up in the morning, doing all the stuffs
and working throughout his or her day.
But, there is a colossal “but” with this individual.
He or she is not “like any other else”.
He or she is:
your guide in your career
making your future clear.
your protector in perils
guarding you, standing still.
He or she might be:
your mother
giving tender anytime, anywhere
your father
being the disciplinarian,
showing you values, and how will you value and utilize
those wisdom and knowledge wherever you go.
your sister or brother,
who will tell you if something’s right,
or when everything’s wrong
The individual in front:
Your Teacher,
the Conveyor of knowledge and wisdom, and everything, he or she, is all.


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